Hello, I am just wondering if Altergaze is compatible with any kind of smartphone?  

Hi, thank you for sending your question to us. Altergaze is currently only compatible with Android phones or iOS but in terms of sizes and shapes, we do have different types as well so you can choose the most compatible with your phone. When buying, make sure that you include your phone’s measurements or type so we can give you the best one to go well with your device. 


Is Altergaze expensive? 

Altergaze comes in various sizes and prices, however, we can say that we sell the products at reasonable prices. We don’t just sell it, we also consider people’s thoughts about its prices as well so don’t worry if it’s too expensive because we assure you that you can afford it and that it is sold at reasonable prices that match well with its quality. 

I’ve been wanting to buy from Altergaze but I don’t know how since I am from a different country. I just want to ask if you do sell or ship internationally as well. If yes, how can I purchase from your company? 

Thank you for thinking about buying from us even if you are from a different country. If you want to purchase, we are happy to tell you that we do ship internationally too. Just go to the shop of this site and pick the items that you want. Click the ‘purchase’ button and fill out the forms given for payments and deliveries.  

Is it possible to return items or change it if ever there is something wrong with the delivery of the items? 

Yes, you can certainly tell us if ever there is something wrong with the delivered items. Just please contact us through our emails or our contact number.