The second batch of Kickstarter rewards has been dispatched! We took quite a few pictures, check them out! It's the first time we've put together close to 100 headsets of so many different colours and variations, so we made it count :D

Hey everyone,
Any day now, you should receive your Altergaze Kickstarter reward (some of you might have received it already).While there are quite a few VR games and apps available on the App Store and on Google Play, we want you to also try our own demo app. Because our demo is still in development, you won't find it on the App Store or Google Play yet. So please follow the instructions below on how to install the app.

Just a quick update: headsets are shipping today! We are just waiting for postal boxes to arrive (sometime before 12).

Apple hasn't validated our app yet, so we will email everyone a digital invite (using Test Flight) and privately send you the AltarGaze Demo App. Same for Android users.

Hey guys,

Our interview with Jenny Marc from Wall Street Journal is now online! Check it out here:

We just finished setting up our AGVR Forums :D 

The main purpose of this forum is to start discussing about how to get your games working with Altergaze or if you are 3D printer owner, how do you become an Official Altergaze Manufacturer to start building and selling units.

We are delighted to do a workshop at this years WIRED Next Generation 2014.

We will start the workshop with a quick demo of our headset, discuss how it works in terms of optics and stereoscopy, and finally go over the process of 3D printing and building an Altergaze Virtual Reality Headset for your smartphone.

We’ve been keeping this secret for over a week now and we are very happy to share it with you. Altergaze is one of the startup finalists for SeedCamp at SeedCamp Week London 2014!! Yeeeeyyy!!!

Hey everyone!

We are now sending out all the reward surveys. The survey is done in 2 steps: on the Kickstarter page and on the Please remember that the reward code provided is case sensitive.

We received this through the post today and on page 59 we found Altergaze! 

It's part of a nice 10 page spread on Virtual Reality covering everything from games, history of VR, 360 filming and VR HMD visors. If you see the magazine during your lunch break or on your way home, check it out.

Not too long ago we've setup a Linked-in business page for Altergaze.

If you have a Linked-in account, it would really help if you can follow us. Linked-in has become a really important tool for everyone when dealing with the business aspect of a company. We found it's the first place everyone visits after receiving our business card (especially here in London). So having a solid number of followers can defiantly make a difference.




If you like Altergaze please spread the word and stay updated via our channels.