KS Update #8: Calling all 3D printer owners and facilities or anyone else interested in becoming an Altergaze Partner

Read 1715 times 14 Apr 2014

Hi everyone,

We made a survey / form for anyone interested in becoming an Altergaze Partner

  • 3D printer owners (home users) 
  • 3D printing facilities
  • those that don’t own a 3D printer yet but want to buy one and become an Altergaze Manufacturer / Distribuitor
  • anyone interested in a different type of partnership: game studios, museums, event organisers, advertising agencies, architects, learning facilities etc

In the survey you will find a detailed explanation of how we imagine the partnership will work. Please keep in mind that everything in the form is debatable and some things might change slightly.

Please share this link with friends and colleagues that might be interested in the Altergaze Partnership. We want to know who to get in touch with once we get everything working. By filling in this form, you will be the first people / companies we contact.

Here is the link to the survey:

Thank you again for all your support.

Kindest regards,





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