KS Update #38: Altergaze Demo App

Read 2668 times 22 Dec 2014

Hey everyone,
Any day now, you should receive your Altergaze Kickstarter reward (some of you might have received it already).While there are quite a few VR games and apps available on the App Store and on Google Play, we want you to also try our own demo app. Because our demo is still in development, you won't find it on the App Store or Google Play yet. So please follow the instructions below on how to install the app.

For Android users:

Before you can run the app you will need to do two things:
1. Go to Settings on your phone and click on Security. In the Security tab make sure 'Unknown sources' is checked.
2. In order to access the app after you download it you will need a file explorer. If you don't have one, just go to Play Store and search for 'file explorer'. Install any of them. I prefer using 'ES File Explorer by ES App Group' or 'File manager (explorer) by Cheetah'
After successfully completing these 2 steps you can go to There you will find the Altergaze Raft Demo App. After you download / save the file, open the file explorer app you've just installed, navigate to your Downloads folder and click on the AGVRraftDemo-041.apk file to install.

For iPhone users:

For apple users you will have to use Test Flight in order to install the demo app. Test Flight is a developer tool made by Apple that allows you to install applications that are not yet available on the App Store (as long as your device is listed as a reviewer / tester).
We didn't email an invitation to everyone, just the Kickstarter Limited Edition backers. So if you are an early bird Kickstarter backer you should look for an email from TestFlight.

There are 2 steps to TestFlight:
1. First you will have to follow the instructions in this email. VERY IMPORTANT: You will have to open this email from the iPhone you want to install the app on.
2. After you successfully installed Test Flight, you will receive a 2nd email with the application itself. PLEASE NOTE (IMPORTANT): After you install Test Flight you won't be able to see the Altergaze Demo App immediately. You will receive a 2nd email when the app is available to download and install (this can take between 30 min to a few hours).

UPDATE (20th Mar 2015):
TestFlight has changed a bit since we wrote this article. It's more straight forward now: when you receive an email from Test Flight you just press  'Open the app in TestFlight' and follow their instructions.

Feel free to message me if something doesn't work.

Kind regards,
Liviu B. Antoni




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