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Over 100 3D printer owners and facilities completed the Altergaze Partnership form! This is how the Altergaze Crowd Manufacturing Map might look like in a few months time (click on the image to access the Google Maps version).


This morning Altergaze got all the necessary funds to move forward! We can't thank everyone enough and we can't wait to start working on this 24/7 and make Altergaze a brand all of you will be proud of!

Based on everyone's feedback we've added 4 new rewards / pledge options: 2x Altergaze Pandora Boxes, Altergaze Prometheus plus a T-Shirt, Altergaze Pre-Released with a multi-colour option and 2x Personalised Altergaze

We had a very productive time at FMX.

We showcased Altergaze to a few hundred people. Hopefully this will help bring more backers in the next few days.

Just got our slim-size business cards for FMX.

We will be handing out 800 of these next week at our FMX Marketplace Booth. If you, or anyone you know, are visiting the conference in Stuttgart, make sure to check out Altergaze.

Hi everyone,

We made a survey / form for anyone interested in becoming an Altergaze Partner

  • 3D printer owners (home users) 
  • 3D printing facilities
  • those that don’t own a 3D printer yet but want to buy one and become an Altergaze Manufacturer / Distribuitor
  • anyone interested in a different type of partnership: game studios, museums, event organisers, advertising agencies, architects, learning facilities etc

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, our Kickstarter campaign got an article (and interview) with The title was '21st Century View-Master Uses Your Phone to Enter Virtual Reality'. I think we did really good, getting shared by over 3000 readers. The article also has a video news report, but I can't seem to be able to embed it.

We've recently 3D printed an Altergaze Hades model for a Samsung Galaxy S4 (the 5 inch version as opposed to the 4 inch version displayed on the Altergaze Campaign Homepage on Kickstarter). 




If you like Altergaze please spread the word and stay updated via our channels.