FMX 2014 Update #2

Read 1675 times 26 Apr 2014

We had a very productive time at FMX.

We showcased Altergaze to a few hundred people. Hopefully this will help bring more backers in the next few days.

Equally important, we made some great contacts that might turn into possible collaborations in the near future: 360 video production companies, full body motion capture, VR storytelling, 360 sound, game developers working on Oculus titles who are interested in releasing a version for Altergaze as well, university lecturers teaching about immersive technologies and VR looking to get dozens of Altergaze headsets for their students, filmmakers interested in immersive films (360), digital art gallery organisers, and hundreds of young students working in Games, 3D Animation and film.

As you might know, the first year of any startup company is always the toughest one. We are very happy with what we’ve accomplished in this last week. Because we respect their privacy we won’t mention any names unless they reach out to us.

One company that has already reached out and twitted about us was They already wrote an app for playing 360 videos in split screen stereo on smartphones, and it works great with Altergaze! We’ve tried it at FMX - here is the tweet with it in action:

Unfortunately, with only 5 days left, you might not see all of our accomplishments before the Kickstarter campaign ends, but we hope you will be very impressed and happy to see our progress in the next few weeks / months.

Please remember that everything Altergaze will accomplish it’s only possible because of you!

Thank you again for all your support!

Kindest regards,





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