KS Update #41: Second batch dispatched

Read 2515 times 08 Apr 2015

The second batch of Kickstarter rewards has been dispatched! We took quite a few pictures, check them out! It's the first time we've put together close to 100 headsets of so many different colours and variations, so we made it count :D

The rest of the photos will serve as colour references and comparison for a series of blog posts Alexandra started working on. The series is specifically aimed for the 3D printing community: addressing the process of designing, 3D printing and assembling a custom made Virtual Reality headset, along with everything else related to the freelance manufacturing process we've been working on. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are a few persons who haven't responded to our messages, so if you are reading this and you've received a private message from us a few days ago, please reply as soon as possible so we can sort out your reward.

In the next two weeks, almost 100 of our backers should receive an Altergaze unit at their specified delivery address (the £100, £110 and £170 pledge backers).

The production of the 3rd batch (Assemble yourself units - £50, £65 and £80 pledges) is on its way. We will start shipping these very soon, but they will most likely dispatch after Easter :(

Regarding games and apps, there are new VR apps being launched on Google Play and the App Store everyday. We haven't had a chance to do a list of what we would recommend, but most of them are free and can be tried out.

Regarding our tech demo, just like before, if you are on iOS, you will receive a test flight invitation by the end of this week. If you are on Android, you can download the app at any time. Please read this blog post for a step by step guide: KS Update #38: Altergaze Demo App

For the 3D printer owners, we will post more information about the customisation interface and the despatch of the last batch in the next few weeks. The main part of the customization tool is ready, we are now working on the database and security.

Last but not least, thank you again for all your continuous support!

Kind regards,

Altergaze Team




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