KS Update #18: “Your funds are now being transferred to your bank account”

Read 1725 times 18 May 2014

Hey everyone,

We just received an email from Kickstarter letting us know that the money is now being transfer into our bank account. 

We can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible! We are super excited to get started on this!

What have we been doing so far:

For the past 2 weeks we’ve focused more on the business side: meeting lawyers, accountants, working towards setting up the company, attending a few meetings for possible collaborations (non 3D printing related) and making a plan for what matters we need to attend in the next couple of months.

We are also very close to releasing our redesigned website. It’s 90% done, and it will probably go live towards the end of next week.

Regarding the SDK, Games and Apps:

Not receiving the Kickstarter funds right away was very beneficial. It gave us time to do some R&D for the apps / games we had in mind, and also work on the Camera Script. We showcased it at a VR Meetup in Brighton (UK) last week and we got some very positive reactions from the developers attending. I will follow up with an Update talking exclusively about the SDK and the camera script.

Regarding 3D printing / your rewards:

We’ve ordered lenses samples from various manufactures and two of these definitely stand out for the quality and precision of their lenses.

Particularly, one of these manufacturers can supply us with one third of all the lenses we need in less than 2 weeks time and with the rest in just a few weeks later. They shipped us a box of 20 lenses in perfect condition. All these lenses have the same focal length as the ones we used for our Altergaze prototypes, but they they are slimmer (there’s less glass between the 2 curved surfaces). The lenses are also a tiny bit more clear than those we used in our previous models. It is not a massive difference, but after using Altergaze for months, we could tell the difference. They are a bit more expensive than those sold by other manufacturers, but we think they're worth the extra money as the price is still within our budget.

Kindest regards,





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