KS Update #13: New pledges added!

Read 1570 times 28 Apr 2014

Based on everyone's feedback we've added 4 new rewards / pledge options: 2x Altergaze Pandora Boxes, Altergaze Prometheus plus a T-Shirt, Altergaze Pre-Released with a multi-colour option and 2x Personalised Altergaze

£60 - 2x Altergaze Pandora Boxes

Same as the £30 pledge but including 2 Altergaze Pandora Boxes. If you are a 3D printer owner, we think that this would be a good opportunity for you to print and keep one Altergaze for yourself and see how much you could sell the other one for. To find out more about how to become an Altergaze Partner (Manufacturere and Distribuitor) please read Update #8.

£65 - Altergaze Prometheus plus a T-Shirt

£110 - Altergaze Pre-Released with a multi-colour option

If you check FMX Update #2 you will see that a lot of the last Altergaze models are printed in 2 or 3 colours per headset and everyone loved them at FMX! We wanted to offer all of you the option to combine the 26 colours in any way you want for less. The option to use more than one colour was only available for the £200 personalised design pledge.

£300 - 2x Personalised Altergaze

Same as the £200 pledge, but we will send you two fully assembled headsets, with the option of choosing two different phone brackets for two different phones (for example an iPhone 5 and a Samsung S4). Great for developers.

Thank you again for all your support!

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