KS Update #24: Connect with us via Linked-in

Read 1819 times 15 Jul 2014

Not too long ago we've setup a Linked-in business page for Altergaze.

If you have a Linked-in account, it would really help if you can follow us. Linked-in has become a really important tool for everyone when dealing with the business aspect of a company. We found it's the first place everyone visits after receiving our business card (especially here in London). So having a solid number of followers can defiantly make a difference.

Plus it truly helps with connections. Especially when looking for someone to collaborate with.

Just the other day we managed to get a Skype conference with the founder of a company we are interested in collaborating with (can't disclose the name yet) using Linked-in. We came across their website, went on Linked-in to check if we know anyone who is a direct connection with them and it turns out we did! He introduced us and we got our meeting. And this wasn't the first time we used Linked-in to get our foot in the door.

Link to the Linked-in Page:

Also feel to send both me and Alexandra connection requests. Just select Friend when asked "How do you know Liviu / Alexandra?" :)

Thank you guys!




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