Altergaze a finalist at Seedcamp Week!

Read 1901 times 10 Sep 2014

We’ve been keeping this secret for over a week now and we are very happy to share it with you. Altergaze is one of the startup finalists for SeedCamp at SeedCamp Week London 2014!! Yeeeeyyy!!!

Ok… so what’s SeedCamp? SeedCamp is one of the top startup accelerator in the world. They help startups reach their full potential in the shortest time possible by providing mentorship with the biggest companies and entrepreneurs in the world, access to funds, angel investment, VC exposure. It’s the Y-Combinator of London. A great article on them can be found on TechCrunch - link here:

SeedCamp is a very competitive. To put this in perspective, they only selected 21 companies out of 2000-3000 applications to pitch at SeedCamp Week London 2014. We are delighted to be one of the 21 finalists, but they only select a few teams as winners out of these.

If we are one of the winning teams, we will be able to grow Altergaze, build better apps, games, designs and most importantly follow up on all the collaboration offers we received. Currently, we can only afford focusing on what we’ve promised: democratising VR through our Altergaze Olymipans. With their help, we will be able to build a proper Virtual Reality Ecosystem around our headsets.

So what can you do to help? Please endorse us on twitter, facebook and linkedin. Post what you’ve learned about us and if you’ve already tried our headsets, please share your experience and review. Keep them short and sweet! (‘congrats to Altergaze for getting into Seedcamp’ type of posts)

Very important: tag both #seedcamp (or @seedcamp on facebook) and us @altergaze.

Thanks guys!

Kind regards, 

The Altergaze Team




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