KS Update #17: We've made it!

Read 1579 times 17 May 2014

We had this Update / Thank You Mail written for a few days now. Even though we couldn't wait to send a big thank you to all of you who supported Altergaze, we figured it’s better to do it on a Sunday when everyone is (hopefully) at home. It’s quite a long thank you mail! 

On Friday 2nd of May 2014 our project was successfully funded with 27% over our initial goal. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your help and support during the 60 days of our Kickstarter campaign!

First of all, many thanks to every single one of our 456 backers who believed in our project and made it possible! We greatly appreciate backing Altergaze and keeping the project alive for over 2 months, retweeting and sharing our posts!

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Video Credits

We want to thank the students and staff at Elstree UTC and Curtis Leblanc for the positive and genuine excitement reactions we got for our Kickstarter video. As with any Kickstarter campaign, the video is what draws people in and without your help we are certain our campaign would have never made it here!

Also, many thanks to Luke Ritchie, Sol Rogers, Evan Boehm and Jim Le Feve for being part of our Kickstarter video, endorsing Altergaze.


Special Thanks

Everyone at Nexus Productions for pitching in with ideas, connections and pledging. Also, many thanks to Chris O’Reilly, the co-founder of Nexus Production and Nexus Interactive Arts.

Everyone at Rewind FX for pitching in with ideas, exposure, being part of the video, pledging and much more. Especially to Sol Rogers for keeping us positive during the last couple of months. 

Luke Ritchie and Joana Flor for all the wonderful brainstorming sessions that helped shape Altergaze as a concept. 

The staff at University of Hertfordshire especially Neil Gallagher, the programme leader for BA and MA in Games Arts. 

The guys at 3D Hubs for helping us get exposure in the 3D printing community and for inviting us to do a talk at their Copenhagen 3D printing meetup. Especially to Christian Behrens-Thomsen for organising and inviting us to the meetup! 

The FMX Organisers and everyone we’ve met there! Especially to Vanessa Steinmann who helped us during the most wonderful 5 days of our Kickstarter campaign! 

Will Freeman, Alex Magdaleno and Davide Sher for writing some of the first articles on Altergaze and for sending so many backers to our Kickstarter campaign page as a result of their writing. Over 20% of the funds raised came directly through your articles! And this means nothing compared to the thousands of shares and video plays we got as a direct result of your kind words regarding Altergaze!

Everyone else who helped us gain exposure either by writing about Altergaze, or by including us in their TV / Web Show or Radio Broadcast / Podcast.

Thank you Kickstarter!

Not just the team that made this amazing platform possible, but also the wonderful Kickstarter community. Running a Kickstarter campaign was an amazing experience, one that we will cherish.

What’s next?

With our Kickstarter campaign successfully funded we can now focus on getting the pre-released Altergaze models into your hands. For the past 60 days we had to deal with Marketing and PR rather than what we know how to do: 3D and development. We can’t wait to get started on everything!

Here is the short and compact list of everything that we have scheduled for the next couple of weeks:

  • startup Altergaze as a company 
  • design our website so we don’t lose the momentum we got in terms of exposure 
  • finish all the scripts for Unity and UDK and put together a SDK 
  • adapt all the Altergaze designs to fit all the different phone sizes 
  • start building the Online Customization Tool / Website 3D 
  • 3D printing and sending you your rewards 
  • get in contact with everyone who filled in our Altergaze Partnership form 
  • get in contact with everyone that contacted us directly for some form of collaboration, but we were too sleep deprived to have a well thought out conversation 
  • finish the development of a few apps and games for you to enjoy for free (free download)
Kind regards,

The Altergaze Team




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