Altergaze was featured on Discovery Channel Canada as part of the Daily Planet show! The online content is Geo-locked to North America, but Lucas Cochran was kind enough to also provide us with a second link that can be played world-wide.

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, our Kickstarter campaign got an article (and interview) with The title was '21st Century View-Master Uses Your Phone to Enter Virtual Reality'. I think we did really good, getting shared by over 3000 readers. The article also has a video news report, but I can't seem to be able to embed it.

Last week was London Tech Week and we got invited to a bunch of different events. Most importantly we got invited to do a live interview on Bloomberg TV. Shortly after the story got featured on

We received this through the post today and on page 59 we found Altergaze! 

It's part of a nice 10 page spread on Virtual Reality covering everything from games, history of VR, 360 filming and VR HMD visors. If you see the magazine during your lunch break or on your way home, check it out.

We are delighted to do a workshop at this years WIRED Next Generation 2014.

We will start the workshop with a quick demo of our headset, discuss how it works in terms of optics and stereoscopy, and finally go over the process of 3D printing and building an Altergaze Virtual Reality Headset for your smartphone.

Hey guys,

Our interview with Jenny Marc from Wall Street Journal is now online! Check it out here:




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