As you already know Google announced at I/O 2014 their VR Google Cardboard.

We waited a few days to let everyone digest what happened. We also didn’t want to come off wrong in any way as we are genuinely excited about their announcement! So before we talk about what we think could be improved, here are our top 3 reasons why we think Google Cardboard is such a great idea:

Last week was London Tech Week and we got invited to a bunch of different events. Most importantly we got invited to do a live interview on Bloomberg TV. Shortly after the story got featured on

Altergaze as a company officially exists! :)

Altergaze Ltd, registered at 86-90 Paul Street London,, contact[at]

Hey everyone,

We just received an email from Kickstarter letting us know that the money is now being transfer into our bank account. 

We can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible! We are super excited to get started on this!

We had this Update / Thank You Mail written for a few days now. Even though we couldn't wait to send a big thank you to all of you who supported Altergaze, we figured it’s better to do it on a Sunday when everyone is (hopefully) at home. It’s quite a long thank you mail! 

Over 100 3D printer owners and facilities completed the Altergaze Partnership form! This is how the Altergaze Crowd Manufacturing Map might look like in a few months time (click on the image to access the Google Maps version).


This morning Altergaze got all the necessary funds to move forward! We can't thank everyone enough and we can't wait to start working on this 24/7 and make Altergaze a brand all of you will be proud of!

Based on everyone's feedback we've added 4 new rewards / pledge options: 2x Altergaze Pandora Boxes, Altergaze Prometheus plus a T-Shirt, Altergaze Pre-Released with a multi-colour option and 2x Personalised Altergaze

We had a very productive time at FMX.

We showcased Altergaze to a few hundred people. Hopefully this will help bring more backers in the next few days.

Just got our slim-size business cards for FMX.

We will be handing out 800 of these next week at our FMX Marketplace Booth. If you, or anyone you know, are visiting the conference in Stuttgart, make sure to check out Altergaze.




If you like Altergaze please spread the word and stay updated via our channels.