Hi everyone,

We made a survey / form for anyone interested in becoming an Altergaze Partner

  • 3D printer owners (home users) 
  • 3D printing facilities
  • those that don’t own a 3D printer yet but want to buy one and become an Altergaze Manufacturer / Distribuitor
  • anyone interested in a different type of partnership: game studios, museums, event organisers, advertising agencies, architects, learning facilities etc

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, our Kickstarter campaign got an article (and interview) with The title was '21st Century View-Master Uses Your Phone to Enter Virtual Reality'. I think we did really good, getting shared by over 3000 readers. The article also has a video news report, but I can't seem to be able to embed it.

We've recently 3D printed an Altergaze Hades model for a Samsung Galaxy S4 (the 5 inch version as opposed to the 4 inch version displayed on the Altergaze Campaign Homepage on Kickstarter). 

Altergaze was featured on Discovery Channel Canada as part of the Daily Planet show! The online content is Geo-locked to North America, but Lucas Cochran was kind enough to also provide us with a second link that can be played world-wide.

These last 4 days were so crazy that I didn't even realise that Altergaze got picked up by Geeky-Gadgets! GEEKY-GADGETS!!!!




If you like Altergaze please spread the word and stay updated via our channels.